Nearshoring technical staffing delivers cost savings and improves your bottom line. We offer engineers, developers, and specialists to fulfill your project resource requirements

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AMT’s Purpose

AMT was founded by Alfred Macha with the purpose of bringing the best available global technical talent to leading technology companies that demand excellence and consistency.

Alfred’s experience as a senior executive for advanced technology companies allowed him to hire and work with talented professionals globally, delivering great results. This experience paved the way for the creation of AMT, a global recruiting platform. AMT offers the best available talent in Latin America to US and Canadian companies looking for top-notch talent at reasonable costs. Our approach is to collaborate closely with universities, associations, and established organizations to identify, train, and network with the best talent in the Americas.

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Amt’s recruiters specialize in finding engineering and technical talent with fluency in english and spanish.
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Talent On Demand

We offer skilled technical personnel who are fluent in english, available for outsourcing to support your projects.
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Global Internships

We collaborate with universities to provide internships to high-achieving students for our client companies.
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Training & Professional

We are passionate about providing a continuous learning environment. Training and professional development.
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  • AMT is committed to helping train future generations of Engineers, Developers, and Specialists. We collaborate closely with key universities in the Americas that are recognized as leading institutions in engineering or computer science.
  • Find out how your university can be affiliated with the AMT Global program.
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AMT is reinventing how talent development and acquisition
are approached. We are not just a transactional recruitment
company; instead, we serve as a talent development and
growth partner for candidates and newly graduated
engineers, developers, and specialists. We collaborate closely
with industry companies and universities to continuously
identify high-priority skills for our clients. We provide a
learning platform for our candidates to optimize and
improve their abilities, meeting the skill requirements needed
by the clients.
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Client Companies

  • Technological advancements in the last 20 years have made
    it possible for many engineering tasks to be performed
    remotely. Leading companies across all industries are taking
    advantage of the vast resources available on the global
  • Companies are facing challenges navigating through thousands of resumes available on the internet without proper filtering. AMT can identify and pre-qualify candidates to provide you with the right resources for your project needs.
  • Download a copy of the AMT advantage to learn about our process and discover how we can be your partner in fulfilling your resource needs
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